Our in-house Engineering & Design department can create CAD/CAM drawings of your parts & prepare CNC code for machining. We can accept your drawings and prepare them for production. We specialize in Pro/Engineer solids modeling CAD/CAM software; however, we are able to accept drawings from any program that creates an IGES or DXF file.  We also have the capability to reverse engineer parts.

DT&D has a broad range of experience in creating parts, including 4th-Axis capability.

Keeping up with the new technology is another one of our strong suits. With a complete variety of CNC machines, we can fill the needs of all of the companies in the Manufacturing Industry.

We specialize in the following production areas:
  • Forge Die Tooling
  • Railroad Industry
  • Automotive Glass Tooling
  • Food Industry
  • Machining Brass Forgings
  • Industrial Resharpening
  • CNC Milling
  • CNC Grinding
  • Wire EDM
  • Waterjet
  • Welding/Fabrication